About us

I'm Steph, the owner of Beautiful Things. I am a young mother to 5 amazing children and a wife to the most hard working husband. I've been blessed to have the ability to be home with our kids, but at times it was at my husband's expense. He has been the rock that has taken care of our family through many hard times while I pursued a degree and stayed home. I felt like I wasn't doing enough. We do that as women, we compare ourselves and tell our selves we aren't doing enough. (I mean, school, kids, a husband, and a house to take care of just isn't enough for one person to handle?) So I decided to start looking into ideas to help my husband financially care for our family. After working in a direct sales clothing company, I just didn't feel quite like I had stuff figured out. There was something missing. Maybe it's the fact that I don't handle being told what to do well (do any of us?) or maybe that there were far too many rules I had to follow (rebel at heart). Then God laid the idea on my heart and with the help of friends, I finally found the confidence to take a leap of faith and follow a dream that I wasn't sure where it would go. I have had an immense response from my community, family, and friends. It's been a privilege to grow this business and form relationships with people I never would have had before. I am honored and humbled to serve my family this way and am absolutely grateful for anyone that takes the time to check out what I have. 

God Bless you all <3